The mouth of the Nervion estuary- The hanging bridge

BILBAO. A TOWN OF CONTRASTS, The left side and the right side of the river.

The most interesting tour inside the immediate past of the town which makes reference to the old factories, to the workers, to their life style, contrasting with the business men, their great mansions and their great economic power. All of these separated side by side by the river, principal artery of the town.

The tour begins from the left side of the town, for that we will travel by underground, one of the changing icons of the town, we make an itinerary around the more emblematic places and sights of this side.

We will cross to the right side on board the shuttle of the famous hanging bridge in order to arrive to the right side of the river, a more residential area, where we walk to the super harbor called “El Abra”, to the beginning of the first beaches, and to “the old harbor” where we will visit of one of the most popular taverns with a tasting of the best pintxos and drinks.



Price: The Budget depends the number of people who would be part of the group.

Characteristics: It includes a defined tour around the most interesting points of the two sides of the river. It includes a selection of one of the most popular bars with a tasting of the best pintxos and drinks.

Transport: The whole tour would be done with public transport, such as underground, or by bus, or even crossing the shuttle of the hanging bridge, taking advantage of the great existing infrastructure.

Day: one day weekly during the month.

Timetable: Any day requested. From 9:30 to 14:00 as recomended timetable.

Aproximate distance walking: 3,5 kilometres.

Warning: Because of the climatology in that area, if there is bad weather, the tour will be the same but we will modify its itinerary, giving priority to the more sheltered points of interest that can be visited without exposure to the elements.