The basilique of Begoña’s Virgin and the Old part of the citty

This temple, dedicated to the Biscay patron, is one of the more emblematic points of the city and its great road descending to the old part of the town or “Seven streets” could be one of the most interesting alternatives to know the oldest town in a short time.



Price: The Budget depends the number of people who would be part of the group.

Characteristics: It includes a trip from Begoña’s Basilica, going down the Mallona’s road and walking around the old part of the town or “The seven streets”, including a tasting of the best pintxos and drinks at one of the most popular taverns.

Days: Any day of the week, reserving one week in advance.

Timetable: Mornings from 9:00 a.m. to 14:00 p.m. This timetable is not flexible, because the basilica is not always open.

Aproximate distance walking: 3,5 kilometres.