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My name is Ane Aranduy and I was born in Bilbao. Three generations ago my ancestors, who lived in rural areas around the province, had moved to this city. I have grown up close to the town-hall looking at the river, spine of our city. I have seen, since I was a kid, with my own eyes all the transformation that Bilbao has experienced, and I have known it from the most industrial, through its great decline, until its successful resurgence. I know very well its past and present history, and I am very proud to be from Bilbao.

I have a master’s degree of Art History from The Basque Country University U.P.V. and I have a post-degree about the history of Bilbao: I love my city.

For all these reasons and many more, it’s a pleasure for me to offer myself as a guide in order to share an unforgettable stay in which you can get to know more about this great city.

BILBAOGUIA.COM is my website, a personal project dedicated to the public attention looking forward to know more about our own identity, our city and our surroundings, from where I promote private guided tours talking about culture, gastronomy, and more.

All the research work about the routes I offer in the historical, architectural, and cultural fields is a thorough investigation that has been done and it updates constantly. Also, in my project, I coordinate the activities of my professional partners´ guides, and sometimes I train them personally. My whole team helps me to give the tours in other languages.

Enjoy the tours with an expert local guide of Bilbao

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Nowadays there are two types of established tours inside the website and a free way to ask for a custom guided private tour.

The first type of tour is at the bottom of the website and can be found either by clicking on any of the photographs of each tour, in the menu’s section called “Routes”, or by clicking this link four programed tours . There are four previously planned itineraries that cover the center of Bilbao, but in different zones: Casco Viejo, Ria-Guggenheim, Gran Vía and Ensanche.

They take about two hours and include a short historical introduction, anecdotes, and specified journey in which we visit the most relevant cultural and architectural points, all of them combined with a tasting of the best pintxos and drinks at the most popular bars in the city.

The walks are soft and easy, and have barely any hills. These tours can be reserved directly from the web in the route section. The groups are small so that communication between the guide and the visitor’s group is closer and the experience is as satisfactory as possible.

bilbao guia turistica“The month plan” is the fifth of the options of the section what to do in Bilbao or at the bottom of the website main page, which consists of a programmed trip connected to a singular local event that is changing depending on the month. This “month plan” can be organized to spend all day outside Bilbao, which would include food and transportation.

The second type of tour can be found in the main menu or by clicking Guggenheim Routes and are designed itineraries to get to know the essence of Bilbao in a couple of hours. One of them, “Essential Bilbao + Guggenheim”, takes about 4 hours and includes a private guided tour in The Guggenheim Museum and surrounding area covering the center of Bilbao until reaching the old part of the city, concluding the tour. The option “Special Guggenheim” includes a private guided tour of the interior and exterior of the museum and takes about two hours.

There is also a free way to ask for a tour inside and outside the city that can be personalized any way you want. You can request a special plan in concrete dates in our section consult us, by email or by telephone. As soon as possible after we receive the information, we organize a proposition and a budget adapted from the request. In order to ease the tour arrangement there are many suggested tours in the web that can serve as a reference for you.

guia turistica de bilbao



We make entertaining and interesting tours in reduced groups up to 15 people, with accessible itineraries for every kind of people.


Within the tours we select the best bars and restaurants in order to taste the wide gastronomic offer.


Bilbao es a city with chainging weather, that is why we contemplate the posibility of making alternative tours more in line with the meteorology of the moment.